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Sadar Festival in Telangana


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Sadar Festival in Telangana

There are a number of festivals celebrated in Telangana which bring enthusiasm and festivity among people. These are also times when everyone gets together to wine and dine! And yes, there can be no festivals without traditional dances and music and traditional percussion instruments for rendering beats!

Bathukamma and Bonalu are, no doubt, State festivals of Telangana. However, there are so many 'jatras' and other festivals celebrated in temples in this state. There are many festivals which are absolutely different and will take you by surprise! Sadar festival is one such festival. It is a 'Buffalo Carnival' celebrated every year and this is indeed surprising. But once you know more about this festival. you will want to actually be present right there to witness the frenzy and fanfare.

Sadar Festival in Telangana

Sadar Festival: Festival of Yadav Community

Sadar festival is organized and celebrated by the Yadav community of Hyderabad in Telangana state. This festival is celebrated on the second day of Diwali - the festival of lights when Lord Rama defeated the demon king Ravana and returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile in the forests. Sadar Festival is also known as 'Dunnapothula Panduga'.

Main Events of Sadar Festival

Sadar actually means 'main'. Out of all the places where Sadar festival is celebrated by Yadav community, the congregation at Kachiguda suburb near Hyderabad is the largest and grandest. So, Sadar is an accompanying festival to the main festival of Diwali celebrated annually.

Yadav community belong to the OBC (Other Backward Caste) category in Telangana. People of 'Goala caste' also belong to the Yadav community. Sadar festival is their main festival and buffalo owners celebrate t with much vigour and enthusiasm.

The head of the Yadav family selects the strongest male buffalo which is taken out for the show during Sadar festival. The reward won by the buffalo is actually great honour for the family. Sadar festival is quite a unique festival of Yadav community in and around Hyderabad and neighbouring places in Telangana!

The buffaloes are beautifully decorated with colourful garlands made of flowers, nicely painted horns. Beads and bells make a tingling sound as kumkum bindi is applied on the forehead of the buffaloes. Yadav sammelan is held once the buffaloes are fully decorated.

Sadar Festival

After the 'traditional salaam', it is time for taking all the buffaloes out on the streets for the parade. These buffaloes are taken along the streets by their respective owners. People in the procession cheer up aloud repeating 'Wah Wah Yadav'. The buffaloes are paraded all along the Streets with a procession dancing to the sounds of drums. Songs are played on loud speakers and the entire region reverberates with festivity.

Meanwhile, buffaloes also show interesting tricks which their masters have trained them to show! One of these is balancing on their hind legs. The animals are intimidated to stand up on their hind legs which makes for a grand show and amusement for the crowd. Many competitions are also held for these buffaloes and the ones really liked by the audience are rewarded!

This festival is no less than a 'Buffalo Carnival of Hyderabad'. People from other caste and creed as well as politicians also attend the festival. The festival is more about togetherness and buffalo just becomes a symbol for bringing people together. Amidst fun, songs, dance and yes, majestic buffaloes, we too can only hail the wonderful festival!

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